Europe to Dominate Global Photovoltaic Market

Europe is anticipated to acquire a major share in the global PV industry by the end of 2013, says a new report from RNCOS.

Solar electricity market has been witnessing fast pace growth for the last few years. The installations of PV modules and cells worldwide have been surging at an average annual rate of over 35% since 1998. Major manufacturers are now intensely competing and new players are making their way to the market. The global PV industry, particularly in Japan and Europe, are pouring huge investments in new production facilities and technologies. However, Europe leads the way with more than 70% of the global cumulative PV installed capacity, says our new research report “Global Photovoltaic Market Forecast to 2013”.

Our report has identified that, Germany dominates the market in Europe. However, besides Germany, Italy has emerged as a fast growing destination for PV installation during 2009. With rising concerns towards global warming, the governments of several countries have identified photovoltaic as an efficient alternative, which uses renewable energy. As a result, public sector has heavily invested in the PV market. Although Europe will dominate the global PV market by the end of 2013, on account of other emerging markets such as, South Korea, India, Mexico etc, the share of Europe will decrease in 2013.

Our team of experts has done an extensive research on the global PV industry and has done profiling of several countries in the report. These countries have been grouped according to the regions i.e. Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Americas. Most importantly, the report provides industry forecast of various countries based on correlation of past data, current market trends, and opportunities for future expansion.

Our report “Global Photovoltaic Market Forecast to 2013” provides thorough analysis of the global PV market along with the detail study of the investment opportunities in various regions of the world. The report has thoroughly examined current market trends and industrial developments to enable clients understand the market structure and its progress in coming years. Due consideration has been given to the possible after effects of recession on the industry. It will help clients to have a proper insight of the current and future outlook of the global PV market.

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