Dyesol Receives Green Light for Major Expansion in Japan

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A total of five international companies have been offered R&D subsidies as part of a JPY2.5 Billion programme, including the IT services giant salesforce.com.

The Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan has announced that Dyesol Japan is one of only five companies from around the world to be awarded a subsidy (grant) to support the establishment of a major R&D facility in Japan. A total of five international companies have been offered R&D subsidies as part of a JPY2.5 Billion programme, including the IT services giant salesforce.com. Dyesol is the only solar energy company to be offered support. The evaluation and selection process was performed by independent experts.

METI states that ‘the Subsidy Program for Promoting Asian Site Location in Japan is intended to sustain and strengthen high-value-added business sites in Japan and to achieve sustainable growth of the Japanese economy by supporting the establishment of new high-value-added sites in Japan, which have been proven to have a significant impact on the Japanese economy and by attracting and concentrating high-value-added business operations that match the strength of the Japanese economy.’

‘Projects were judged based on their uniqueness, added value and potential ripple effects on the Japanese economy, as well as on their overseas locational competitiveness.’

With the assistance of the Japanese government, Dyesol intends to establish a materials integration centre in what it considers to be the centre for materials R&D in Asia. For Dyesol this is a strategic and tactical success that will establish one of the major pillars to enable its on-going leadership in the field of Dye Solar Cells. The project is expected to commence in July 2011 and facilities will be fully operational by late 2012.

The many benefits for Dyesol include:

  • The new Dyesol Japan R & D centre will provide access to excellent IP generation capability and facilitate working relationships with centres of research in Japan. Enhancements to existing IP for next generation technology will ensure Dyesol stays on its path to higher industrial efficiency. This demonstrates Dyesol’s continuing commitment to global partners such as Tata to stay at the forefront of DSC technology efficiency improvements;
  • The facilities will be a substantial expansion of its R&D activities in Japan and will allow Dyesol to expand its ability to service the Asian market place with the best quality and performance in DSC materials and devices; and
  • The project provides Dyesol with the government imprimatur that will greatly assist in entering collaborative industrialisation projects with key Japanese corporations in the field, especially in consumer electronics.

Dyesol is honoured that METI has selected our company to be part of the next generation of Japanese R&D and we are committed to make this project an early success.

Dr Gavin Tulloch, Dyesol’s Director of Technology, said “The IP that will be generated by the new R & D centre in Japan will expedite and add considerable value to our partner projects around the world.”

The Technology – DYE SOLAR CELLS

DSC technology can best be described as ‘artificial photosynthesis’ using an electrolyte, a layer of titania (a pigment used in white paints and tooth paste) and ruthenium dye deposited on glass, metal or polymer substrates. Light striking the dye excites electrons which are absorbed by the titania to become an electric current many times stronger than that found in natural photosynthesis in plants. Compared to conventional silicon based photovoltaic technology, Dyesol’s technology has lower cost and embodied energy in manufacture, it produces electricity more efficiently even in low light conditions and can be directly incorporated into buildings by replacing conventional glass panels or metal sheets rather than taking up roof or extra land area.

The Company – DYESOL Limited

Dyesol is a global solar technology company and in August 2005 was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: DYE). Dyesol manufactures and supplies a range of dye solar cell products comprising equipment, chemicals, materials, components and related services to researchers and manufacturers of DSC. The Company is playing a key role in taking this third generation solar technology out of the laboratory and into the community.

More details about the company and the technology can be found at: http://www.dyesol.com

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