Dyesol and Pilkington NA Form Joint Venture – DyeTec Solar

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DTS will be located in Toledo OH, near PNA’s corporate R&D centre.

The collaboration between Dyesol Inc., (DYE) and Pilkington North America (PNA) has resulted in the formation of a new company, DyeTec Solar (DTS). PNA is part of the NSG Group (NSG), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the building, automotive and specialty glass markets and the leading supplier of Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) glass, and Dyesol is recognized as the world leader in dye solar cell (DSC) products and technology. DTS will be located in Toledo OH, near PNA’s corporate R&D centre.

DTS will develop and deliver the Standard Technology Platform (STP) solution for mass manufacture of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics), AIPV (Automotive Integrated Photovoltaics), as well as interior PV generating glass based products, powered displays and security devices. The STP is a configurable manufacturing equipment set and related processes that are designed to leverage optimised TCO and DSC materials from PNA and Dyesol, respectively, and enable downstream suppliers in the global glass market to mass manufacture, high performing DSC – TCO glass based products.

Marc Thomas, Dyesol Inc.’s chief executive officer states, “It is rare opportunity to participate in a partnership where our corporate interests are so well aligned and focused”. DTS will leverage PNA and Dyesol’s long established R&D and manufacturing resources which represent thousands of man years of expertise in glass, TCO and DSC.”

BIPV represents the single largest market for DSC and TCO products, followed closely by AIPV. DTS will collaborate and assist companies globally, including existing customers and routes to market, to capture a significant share of the nearly 50 million tons of flat glass produced annually, of which 90% is used in buildings. Where most photovoltaic technologies work well while facing the sun, DSC based products allow all sides of a building to be electrically productive, and capable of producing power all day, every day, even in less than ideal conditions.

William McCreary, the founding chairman of DyeTec Solar states, “The unique technologies from the shareholders will allow DTS to develop new products that truly enable the BIPV market to become a reality, while providing pull through sales for TCO glass and DSC for the owners. The leadership of DTS will come from key members of each shareholder, who represent several hundred years of experience in the specific technologies, as well as commercialising entrepreneurial start-ups. DTS will represent another excellent company in the Northwest Ohio ‘Solar Valley’.”

For further information contact Viv Hardy at Callidus PR on +61 (0)2 9283 4113 or on +61 (0)411 208 951.
In Europe contact Eva Reuter, Investor Relations, Dyesol Europe on

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