In recent years, CIGS has become a collection of contradictions.

While it has achieved the highest conversion efficiency among the thin-films, its progress toward high volumes has been sluggish. And while the volume growth of leading companies has been well behind the level of expectations that CdTe has set, dozens of small companies continue to enter the CIGS market, especially in China and Taiwan. Finally, while flexible CIGS PV—especially in the form of BIPV—is widely considered the path for success, there are still concerns about the durability of such flexible products given CIGS’ sensitivity to moisture.


What will it take for the large manufacturers of CIGS PV to finally approach the Gigawatt range in volume? And what do the small players stand to gain by entering this crowded field? What is the value proposition of CIGS that makes it so attractive? Will CIGS ever make real money, and will investors be available to build the necessary capacity? These questions are examined and answered in this report.

This report also analyzes the money-making opportunities for CIGS PV. These are examined from the perspectives of CIGS PV’s strengths—high performance and flexibility—and its weaknesses, sensitivity to moisture and difficult manufacturing processes. It takes an honest look at the processes and strategies of the various firms making CIGS and at the markets in which CIGS has unique advantages.

This report also includes NanoMarkets’ eight-year forecasts of the market for CIGS PV. These forecasts are broken down by type of application—BIPV, flexible devices, etc.—and by the manufacturing technology used, including deposition technology and flexible vs. rigid manufacturing. This report is essential reading for firms that manufacture or develop CIGS PV and for everyone interested in future of the PV industry.

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