Chinese Solar PV Equipment Industry, 2010-2011

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China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. have published the new report.

In the 10 major equipment for solar cell production lines, 8 types can be made in China, of which 6 ones (diffusion furnace, plasma etching machines, cleaning/texturing machines, phosphosilicate glass (PSG) removal equipment, and low-temperature drying oven) take leading roles in production lines in China; the rest two types (tube-type PECVD and fast sintering furnace) coexist with the imported equipment and their shares keep increasing. However, automatic screen printer, automatic sorting machine, and plate PECVD are still dependent on import. Presently, the mainstream production lines of solar cells in China adopt both domestically made and imported equipment. A standard 25MW production line calls for the investment of approximately USD 5-9 million.

To build a PV production line, the equipment investment accounts for over 70%. Though Chinese investment in the PV production lines increases continuously in recent years, the core PECVD equipment is totally dependent on import. In the 6 key cell manufacture devices, the technology levels of Chinese domestically made ones are as follows:

Diffusion furnace, plasma etching machine, cleaning/texturing machine: meet or approach the international advanced level; have prominent advantage of cost performance; occupy a large part of the domestic market. The home-made texturing machines for surface texturing of polycrystalline silicon cells fall behind imported ones. Besides, there is neither laser etching/resistance trimming machine for peripheral etching nor wet chemical etching equipment.

PECVD: with large production capacity and better film quality, the tube-type PECVD equipment has been on equal terms with the plate PECVD. Now the tube-type PECVD equipment has entered large production lines in large quantities. Since 2008, new progress has been made in the techniques of domestically made tube-type PECVD equipment. Its processing effect approaches that of equipment by international famous manufacturers. Thus, it is favored by more clients and the share is increasing. It is expected that the domestically made tube-type PECVD equipment will become the mainstream in the industrial application in the future. Presently, the research on the domestically made plate PECVD is also in progress.

High-temperature sintering furnace: it falls slightly behind the international advanced ones, but has made gratifying progress in recent years. Some high-end products are used in large production lines, displaying outstanding performance.

Screen printer: the whole automatic printers with multiple printing heads have entered the market. It will take a period for users to accept them. The manually operated and semi-automatic products cannot enter the mainstream production lines.

Automatic detection/sorting machine: the technology has reached the international medium level.

In 2009, the sales revenue of Chinese major solar equipment market rose by 14.3% to reach about CNY 3.20 billion. In 2010, with the decline of polysilicon price, the cost of solar power generation will gradually approach that of traditional power generation. The support by domestic and foreign governments will also be enhanced. Thus, the PV market will continue the current rapid development trend. It is forecast that the growth rate of Chinese solar equipment in 2010 will exceed that in 2009.

Due to the financial crisis, a number of Chinese solar PV system manufacturers suspended their expansion in 2009. This will influence the demand for PV manufacture equipment in China.

In March 2009, the Implementing Opinion Concerning Speeding up the Promotion of the Use of Solar Energy PV Power in Buildings and the Interim Measures for the Administration of Government Subsidies of Building Uses of Solar Energy Photovoltaic Power issued by Chinese Ministry of Finance will definitely propel the demand of Chinese PV equipment market. Driven by the policies, Chinese solar market is expected to develop rapidly in recent years. In the long run, the industrial policies will promote Chinese solar PV equipment continuously; there will be huge demand in Chinese solar PV equipment industry.

Through this report, readers can acquire more information:

– Status quo of Chinese solar PV equipment industry
– Factors affecting the development of Chinese solar PV equipment industry
– Governmental policies on Chinese solar PV equipment industry
– Major enterprises in Chinese solar PV equipment industry
– Competition in Chinese solar PV equipment market
– Influences of the global financial crisis on Chinese solar PV equipment market
– Prediction on the development of Chinese solar PV equipment industry
– Investment opportunities in Chinese solar PV equipment industry

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