China’s Polysilicon Market in Solar Photovoltaic Industry

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The prospect of polysilicon industry which is still in its rising stage is definitely bright, and it is very hard for few producers to monopolize the market.

It is still relatively easy for new entrants to seize the market opportunity using proper competition strategy.

It is very possible that 2015 will be a turning point for PV industry, when gird parity of solar energy may really arrive and new economy balance may be retrieved, resulting new round of prosperity of polysilicon industry. Then, increasing demand may push up the price.

As a high-tech capital-intensive industry, the technology trading and equipment selling market of polysilicon industry will continuously prosper in following 10 years.

The main threat comes from the risk of excessive capacity. It is predicted that in 2013 the annual production capacity of polysilicon will rise to 31 thousand tonnes in China, about 40% of which only has weak competitiveness, while the actual output was only 10 thousand tonnes.

Aiming to unveil the actual development trends of polysilicon industry in China, we take this investigation and make this report. Meanwhile, the following hot points in China’s polysilicon industry are also covered:

  • Production and consumption of polysilicon in China, from 2006 to 2010
  • The technology and device trading market of polysilicon industry in China
  • Production process and cost of main producers in July 2011
  • Analysis on Commercial opportunities and Effective competition strategy
  • Import & export analysis of polysilicon in China, 2009~ 2010
  • Government policy and regulation
  • Forecast on production cost of polysilicon and solar energy, output of crystalline cells in China, consumption volume and output of polysilicon in China from 2011 to 2019

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