China’s new PV installations will hit 1GWp in 2010, says LDK CEO

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LDK Solar's chairman and CEO, Peng Xiaofeng estimates that new PV installations in 2010 will hit 1GWp in China and 10GWp globally

Xiaofeng believes that while overall oversupply of poly-Si is expected in 2010, supply of high-quality poly-Si will be short of demand.

In response to this market transformation, LDK will up its annual capacity of 5,000 tonnes of poly-Si to 15,000 tonnes with actual output expected at 10,000 tonnes as well as increasing solar wafer production from 1.6GWp to 2GWp by the end of 2009.

Best Solar, wholly owned company of Xiaofeng, which has a current annual capacity of 600-800MWp for PV modules, has caused the company focus on expanding to meet the expected surge in orders.

Best Solar has also set up two production lines of thin-film PV modules with a total capacity of 130MWp. Volume production will begin in November or December 2009, noted Xiaofeng.

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