China Nuvo Solar acquires more IP from Photovoltaics

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China Nuvo is an early-stage company developing a commercially viable,

higher efficiency stacked photovoltaic solar cell. The newly acquired

IP is for enhancements of existing technologies that range from

increases in output and efficiency to the use of lower cost newly

discovered photovoltaic materials and processes, the company said.

The company thinks the technologies could, when commercialized,

reduce the cost per kilowatt hour of solar energy, allowing it to be

more competitive with other energy sources. China Nuvo said it’s

finalizing utility patents for those it acquired from Photovoltaics

that are currently provisional. China Nuvo wasn’t yet ready to announce

how the newly acquired technologies fit into the company’s business

model, adding that details would be announced once they were fully


China Nuvo acquired exclusive, worldwide licensing rights to

additional solar cell technology from Photovoltaics in 2006, purchasing

the technology 2008. The technology includes multi-layer photovoltaic

cells incorporating integral light-transmitting materials that act as

wave guides in directing light to targeted areas, according to the


To minimize startup costs of solar cell manufacturing, China Nuvo

has an agreement with Pioneer Materials to establish a pilot production

line by building out and modifying Pioneer’s existing manufacturing

facility in the Sichuan province. Pioneer supplies advanced materials

for thin-film photovoltaic processing (see China thin film industry needs industrial lift).

Earlier this year, Jiashan, China-based solar wafer maker ReneSola (NYSE:SOL) secured a loan of RMB 800 million ($117 million) to build its polysilicon plant in Sichuan province, China (see ReneSola secures $117M loan for polysilicon plant).

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