China government may cancel BIPV subsidization program

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According to reports from China, building-integrated pv systems, overlap with another PV incentives program

The China government is likely to cancel a program to subsidize building-integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPV) at a rate of 20 yuan (US$2.9) per watt because of its overlapping with another PV incentives program, according to reports from China.

The program, implemented in late March 2009, offers subsidization for projects with a minimum installation capacity of 50KWp (kilowatt-peak), as well as minimum energy conversion rates of 16% for monocrystalline silicon PV modules, 14% for polycrystalline silicon, and 6% for amorphous silicon thin-film, the reports said.

So far 111 projects with total installation capacity of 91MWp (megawatt-peak) have been awarded subsidies, the reports said.

The BIPV program overlaps with another program, effective in late July 2009, that subsidizes on-grid (grid-connected) PV power-generating systems, the reports indicated.


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