centrotherm photovoltaics achieves 18.5 percent average efficiency

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Efficiency achieved with selective emitter technology in the production line of Chinese customer Dongfang Magi Solar.

  • Outstanding cell performance above industry average based on upgrade package
  • Successful transfer of laboratory results in mass production
  • Negotiations underway to refit all production lines with selective emitter laser doping

centrotherm photovoltaics AG has successfully transferred excellent laboratory results to production operation at the Chinese customer Dongfang Magi Solar: an average 18.5 percent efficiency was achieved on batches totaling some thousands of solar cells made from mono-crystalline material on a standard 156 x 156 mm (240 cm²) surface. These high figures for solar cells made of mono-crystalline material were achieved using an upgrade package for selective emitter technology and exceeded the current industrial average.

“Within a few weeks, we have realized in close co-work with our customer Dongfang Magi Solar the process adjustment and transfer from our R&D laboratory situation to mass production, and we will achieve this even more rapidly with further installations”, comments Dr. Peter Fath, CTO of centrotherm photovoltaics. “The upgrade packages enable our customers to further boost cell efficiency, as well as to manufacture on an even more efficient basis. Along with the technology’s ease of integration into the production process, the upgrade package solution is distinguished by low capital investment expenditures (capex).”

“We are very satisfied with the rapid implementation, and the good and stable efficiency results. With this new selective emitter technology and an average efficiency of 18.5 percent in mass production Dongfang Magi Solar will be one of the performance leaders in this industry”, notes Wen Zhang, CEO of Dongfang Electric Magi Solar Power Technology Co. Ltd. The parent company Dongfang Electric Corporation is one of the largest state-owned conglomerates in China. “We are currently in negotiation with centrotherm for further upgrade packages with the selective emitter technology for all our remaining production lines”, CEO Zhang goes on to comment.

Laser diffusion allows for a selective emitter structure with low phosphorus doping on the entire upper surface of the cell, except for the points along the metallization. These improved emitter properties enable very good contacts, and high solar cell performance.

Source: centrotherm photovoltaics

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