A conversation with Felicia Bellows, Torresol Energy

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Felicia L. Bellows, Senior Vice President of Development, Torresol Energy, will be speaking at the PV/CSP joint utility-scale discussion on Wednesday, April 18, as part of a multi-technology developer panel.

She will also be presenting on a developer perspectives panel on Thursday, April 19, at the CSP Conference to discuss the value of thermal storage. We asked Felicia to share some of her thoughts on CSP storage technology in advance of her presentations.

 Q: In your opinion, what are the latest developments, opportunities and challenges in CSP storage technology?
The latest development is that we now have a commercially operating CSP plant with sufficient storage to run 24/7. This opens a whole new avenue for CSP as it can now be a dispatchable resource. Other opportunities include new storage materials, such as the research that is now being undertaken in using graphite for storage which could possibly get to a higher temperature and improve efficiencies. Challenges for CSP continue to be around pricing and the regulators being unwilling to recognize that CSP is not just an energy resource but rather a resource that supplies energy, capacity and ancillary services.

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