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The reduction in the cost of green energy and the growing demand for these alternative sources has led the Office for Budget Responsibility to forecast that £8.4 billion will be spent on renewable projects in the UK in 2020/21. Britain’s Climate Change Act of 2008 introduced the world’s first long-term national framework to tackle climate change, setting a legally binding target of an 80% reduction in GHG emissions by 2050, against a 1990 baseline. The World Renewable Energy Association's UK Finance HUB has been launched to assist its member businesses with 'going green' and providing helpful guidelines and advise on the best practices for businsses already generating their own energy sustainably.

Renewable Energy Finance Hub

The reduction in the cost of green energy and the growing demand for these alternative sources has led the Office for Budget Responsibility to forecast that £8.4 billion will be spent on renewable projects in the UK in 2020/21. This suggests that there will be plenty of new opportunities for UK businesses with much of the capital being provided by specialist renewable energy brokers and trusted lenders.

Understanding Your Finance Options

When 'going green', there’s a finance option out there to suit most scenarios. We help you understand what external finance is, what options are available and how they could help your business become more sustainable.

Success Stories

Our WoREA approved lenders have helped hundreds of businesses since their inception. You can view some of their case studies below.

Resource Centre

Our resource center provides members with concise breakdowns and jargon-busting overviews of renewable energy

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WoREA has sourced trusted and regulated lenders, saving our members time and money.

Getting Insurance for Your Project

Get a WoREA approved insurance assessment of your insurance risks, establishing cover requirements to meet your precise project needs.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Learn about the different technologies, to which applications they are best suited and the finance options and providers.

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Understanding Your Finance Options

The initial capital investment required for your renewable energy install can often be perceived as somewhat daunting, but don't fear there are companies that can help you attain this finance and still make the investment a profitable one.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Renewable energy can improve your business’s energy efficiency, helping you to save on utility bills. In addition, stakeholders and investors are increasingly looking at the environmental KPI's during due dilligent processes so it pays to know which renewable energy technology is best for you or your business.

WoREA Approved Finance Providers

Renewable energy accounted for nearly 30% of the electricity generated in the UK in 2017 and the sector continues to grow as new techniques are identified to harness the benefits of wind, ground source heating, geothermal, biomass & CHP, solar energy and storage. Depending greatly on funding for research and development of new systems, businesses in this sector are regularly faced with new policies and changes in government funding.