In Banner Video Player

In Banner Video Player
Pixel Size 300×250
Format In-stream & Video Formats Accepted
Vendor PointRoll
File Size See Creative Guidelines for NetStream
Audio Initiation User-initiated Audio by click
Audio Length :30 seconds
Video Initiation Host-Initaited Video
Video Length :30 seconds
Animation Length no animation
3rd Party Tracking Allowed
3rd Party Serving n/a
Submission Guidelines Pangea Launch & Trafficking to provide asset delivery & production process information
Frequency Cap No frequency cap
Click Through Window new window
Labeling Other Items n/a
click Through URL Client must provide
Controls n/a
Other Policies n/a
Minimum Spend n/a
Term n/a
Contextual Relevance n/a
Spending Guidelines n/a
Custom Specs Video Length :30 seconds
Permission for host-initiated audio requires policy exception
Extended file sizes require policy exceptions
Extended video and audio lengths beyond spec require policy exceptions
Product Development Lead n/a
Sold By n/a
Campaign Frequency n/a