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14th International Trade Fair of Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development

November 3rd – 6th Rimini (Italy)

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ECOMONDO is the largest annual expo for the environment and sustainability industry which endeavours to meet the global challenge of profitably combining development and sustainability, environment and energy, globalization and environmental protection.

Expo sectors

ü Waste: showcase of the most efficient technological solutions to treat all types of waste. Special focus on the complete Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) cycle.

2010 novelties: Focus on the auto-demolition sector and scrapping of end-of-life vehicles, on the best technologies and tools to recover auto components and guidelines for the efficient application of ELV regulations

ü Inertech: exhibition on demolition and recycling in the construction world focusing on demolition and recycling of C&D waste and road materials, and how they can be reused.

2010 novelties: Thematic test areas (types of machinery and types of application, game-type events, interactive indoor and outdoor areas).

ü Reclaim Expo: showcase of the most advanced reclamation technologies for contaminated sites.

2010 novelties: Focus on decommissioning

ü Oro Blu: focus on the main product and/or process innovations and technologies applied to the treatment of primary and waste water and the sludge produced, as well as technologies to treat the air and industrial fumes.

News at Ecomondo 2010 edition:

Ø DECOMMISSIONING: Demolition and requalification of vacant sites – 1st event dedicated to the Brownfields reclamation

Ø SUSTAINABLE CITY – case histories of cities that have applied the concept of sustainability to the planning and development of their local urban contexts. Focus area: Cities and climate change

Ø ECOBUSINESS COOPERATION EVENT: Enterprise Europe Network partners will support you to take advantage of new contacts and to promote your competences abroad! Take this chance and participate in Ecobusiness cooperation. For further information:

For further information:

Simultaneously with:

Key Energy 4th International Expo for Sustainable Energy and Mobility

Keyenergy 2010 is intended as a venue where technicians and representatives of local authorities can explore, present and learn about relevant evolving technologies and legislation. The range of information offered covers renewable to efficient use of energy but also refers to small and large enterprises, whose numbers are growing on this scenario. The Keyenergy 2010 novelty will be precisely energy efficiency. The products and solutions on show will lead to interesting economic advantages and there will be conferences and workshops discussing new legislation and new incentives.

Info for foreign visitors: Foreign Marketing Dpt. Tel. +39 0541.744303

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