Corporate Integration of Renewable Energy 2010

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February 1-2, 2010

San Antonio, Texas

Creating the Business Case for Reducing Overall Operating Costs through the Integration of Renewable Energy Resources On-Site, and an Increased Focus on Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

As corporations around the world continue to tighten their grip on expenditures, many are looking to reduce overall operating costs, through greater energy efficiency. By combining the right mix of energy efficiency programs, co-generation of power, as well as the integration of on-site renewable energies, companies are seeing double digit returns on investment, and more. These companies are finding that while increasing their efficiency and reducing their costs; they are also enhancing their stewardship, their corporate sustainability, as well as reducing their overall carbon footprint. Creative uses of technology and energy can result in not only financial savings but in most cases also helps to create a bond with employees and local communities, all of whom value environmental stewardship.

This conference will bring together corporate leadership to discuss and debate the opportunities and incentives of incorporating renewable energy resources and sustainability practices into their organizations, and will not only provide tangible metrics for measuring results, but will also discuss the intangible benefits of such programs.

Case studies will highlight real-life success stories of organizations creatively utilizing the resources at hand to generate power, and generate savings. Keynote presentations will deliver inspirational discussions on the development of business cases for investing in renewable resources, and will enable attendees to truly delve into the barriers and challenges of these types of programs. Policy-driven presentations will also be incorporated into the agenda, so that participants have up-to-date details on state-by-state regulations, incentives, and the latest information on cap-and-trade as well as renewable energy credits.

Throughout the program, sessions will also describe methods for developing stronger ties with employees and communities through the promotion of environmentally friendly practices. Several case studies will describe the impact that renewable energy and energy efficiency programs have had on employee retention and community outreach programs, creating a greater sense of stewardship within the company and community.

Overall, this conference will develop a platform where participants can openly discuss their challenges and through dialogue with speakers and participants, will recognize pragmatic solutions to their problems. By bringing together high-level presenters who have real-time experience in the creative integration of renewable resources into their energy mix, this conference will be a must attend.

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