Brand Building and Corporate Class Promotions

Homepage Takeovers homepage takeovers accelerate the performance of campaigns on the site, offering the advertiser exclusive and impactful brand exposure directed at 15,000* unique users each day.

This advertising format has already proved successful on some of the world’s biggest websites, with the homepage takeover now the advertising campaign of choice for brand conscious and industry leading companies and organisations.

Screenshot of homepage takeover

Homepage Takeover Screenshot

With the launch of the new website in August 2009, the homepage takeovers are set to play a huge role in branding and DR campaigns by combining the page background (1), Leaderboard (2), Skyscraper (3) and Full Banner (4), taking the homepage takeovers to a next level.

Homepage takeovers offer a “one of a kind” roadblock of your brand or product on the homepage. A homepage takeover consists of a customised pageskin (usually 1600 x 900pixels) and 3 banner positions above the fold.

What you get:

  • Massive brand exposure for your brand, product or service (over 195,000 users every month!)
  • 100% ownership of the home page for 24 hours
  • Excellent marketing tool for driving awareness for new product launches and brand
  • Typically increases the click-through rate 30 times normal banner promotion.

If you are interested in running a homepage takeover on please email:

Sources: internal stats 2009