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The dazzling array of Fronius products grows ever more spectacular – Outlook 2014

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Outlook for 2014 – The dazzling array of Fronius products grows ever more spectacular

(Wels, 19.12.2013) Austrian inverter manufacturer Fronius is set to bring a host of product innovations to the market in the year ahead. A solution for short-term energy storage, a compact central inverter and an entire product range for the residential sector underline the innovative advances from the quality leader. Furthermore, the experts from Fronius will support their customers with online training courses.

“We cannot wait to get going with the year ahead. Through our new products we are fulfilling the expectations of the market and inspiring our customers with innovations,” explained Martin Hackl, Head of the Solar Energy Division, Fronius International GmbH.

Short-term storage using the Fronius hybrid inverter

The Fronius hybrid inverter is a core component of the “24 hours of sun” vision. This sets out the future of power generation over the coming decades from a Fronius point of view. With a maximum output power of 5 kVA, it enables unused energy produced by a photovoltaic system to be stored in a battery. This maximises self-consumption and represents a further step towards energy self-sufficiency. The device wins praise for its modular inverter and battery design as well as the individually variable storage capacities. Market launch of the device is scheduled for 2014.

Extra power – the Fronius Agilo TL 333.0 and 400.0

The compact Fronius Agilo TL 333.0 and 400.0 central inverters are a byword for straightforward installation, easy maintenance and extremely high yields. These powerful central inverters were developed for large-scale systems. Impressively low transport and operating costs are delivered through the compact dimensions and clever system design inherent to this inverter series. The IP 55 protection class confirms the robust design of the device. It has been optimised for connection to the medium-voltage grid and also provides interfaces for effective remote monitoring and remote control. With a maximum efficiency of 98.6%, the device produces extremely high yields. The inverters will go into production in the middle of 2014.

Maximum flexibility delivered by the Fronius Symo string inverter

The Fronius Symo string inverter will be universally available from April 2014 in the 3 to 20 kW power categories and will be available with two MPP trackers. The inverter series covers a range of options from use in a domestic family home up to and including field installations. A practical system design coupled with comprehensive data communication make the device highly flexible and communicative. Innovative plug-in card technology ensures the device is truly future-proof. Possible future challenges, such as an expansion of the energy management system, connection to building management systems or an arc detector, have already been taken into account.

Online training supports Fronius customers

Our technical support experts stand ready to help Fronius customers with online training courses. It is easy for participants to register and choose their subject online. Access to the programme is free and participants can follow the live training courses from home at their own convenience.

For example, in the Fronius Solar.web online training course, instructions on how to modify and configure new and existing PV systems are explained and illustrated step by step. Participants are able to ask questions at any time. “After completing the one-hour training course the participant is fully equipped to work with the programmes without a problem. Following the training course a handout with additional information is sent out to the customers,” explains Ernst Prötsch, Head of Technical Support, Fronius International GmbH.

Currently the Fronius online trainings are held in German language. Additional subjects and roll-out to the Fronius subsidiaries are already being planned. Participation is free of charge.

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