MX Solar USA Selects DUNMORE Corporation as its Photovoltaic Backsheet Partner

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DUNMORE Corporation announces selection by MX Solar USA to supply photovoltaic backsheets to be used by MX Solar USA to manufacture solar panels in its NJ facility.

PV backsheets are a critical component in photovoltaic modules.

DUNMORE Corporation is pleased to announce its selection by Italy-based MX Solar as the primary photovoltaic (PV) backsheet supplier for their U.S. facility located in New Jersey. PV backsheet materials protect photovoltaic modules from UV, moisture and weather while insulating the electrical load of the modules.

“MX Solar selected DUNMORE Dun-Solar™ backsheet products due to their broad product range, excellent technical capability and outstanding customer attention,” according to Carlo Santoro, MX Solar’s Business Development Manager. “In addition, DUNMORE’s FastCert™ program dramatically sped up the certification process requirements for PV modules made in the United States. Using FastCert™ will save MX Solar months of time during which we would be waiting to get our modules certified using normal certification channels.”

“We’re delighted to be able to support MX Solar with a strong strategic business relationship both in the United States and in Europe,” Matthew Sullivan, President & CEO of DUNMORE Corporation, added. “The FastCert™ program is just one of the many examples of the excellent collaboration that exists between our companies.”

Carmelito Denaro, Chairman and CEO of MX Solar, shares Mr. Sullivan’s enthusiasm for the strategic partnership. “Both the FastCert™ program and our excellent business relationship with DUNMORE have greatly facilitated the establishment of our newest manufacturing operation,” he noted. “We are committed to the U.S. market and look forward to a long partnership with DUNMORE.”

DUNMORE has a long history of providing photovoltaic solutions. For more than thirty years, DUNMORE has designed and manufactured films for satellite solar arrays, and continues today as a top backsheet manufacturer to the photovoltaic industry. DUNMORE has supplied and developed a photovoltaic backsheets for nearly every existing solar technology – from solar concentrators, to thin film photovoltaics and traditional PV modules.

MX Group SpA is an industrial producer operating in the photovoltaic market since 2002, specialized in the planning and building of large photovoltaic facilities.

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