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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

What’s involved in an electric car servicing?

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Servicing an electric vehicle is an entirely different prospect to servicing an ICE-powered car. There’s no need for fluids or fluid disposal systems, as EVs don’t operate on a power steering fluid. Additionally, extraction equipment isn’t required as electric vehicles don’t have any gases requiring extraction.

The anatomy of electric cars comprises fewer moving components than those in a diesel or petrol vehicle, so in theory there are fewer parts to fail. Brakes don’t need serviced as regularly, for instance, thanks to regenerative braking, a process which takes energy from the battery system and stores it for later use. Good news for electronic car drivers – intervals between maintenance can be up to twice as long as for petrol or diesel cars.

One part of the vehicle will require a lot more care, though – the battery. This part has a comparatively limited lifespan and will need more attention than batteries for regular car engines. That said, lots of marques offer warranties which cover the battery in the event of damage or wear.

Just be aware that the differing systems in electronic vehicles mean some mechanics won’t be able to service them. If you’re considering going electric, seek out a dealer who sells EVs. They’ll be more likely to advise on your car’s servicing and maintenance needs. And of course, as the electric vehicle market expands and evolves, garages and mechanics will adapt to meet consumer needs.