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Monday, September 27, 2021

Smart Grid Integration – Maximising Renewable Generation

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The term smart grid is becoming increasingly popular as businesses continually invest in smart systems, from smart meters to smart controls. As the workplace becomes increasingly connected the requirement to derive intelligence that can lead to measurable improvements and not just gather big data grows.

As a manufacturer of smart energy technologies, Powerstar identified the requirement for the products it produces to come with such capabilities and developed an online remote monitoring platform to assist customers to achieve this.

The online remote monitoring capabilities that Powerstar have developed in-house keeps customers at the heart of every project by enabling the implementation of a fully integrated smart grid solution which can be achieved by combining multiple smart energy technologies into a single, secure remote monitoring platform.

Developed with Industry 4.0 in mind, which marks the next era of industrial revolution, the platform provides the intelligence required to make proactive decisions about energy use based on grid information, conditional performance data of assets, and energy efficiency reports, delivering 24/7 visibility and insights into:

  • Trends – this provides real time insights for a number of aspects, from the site’s voltage profile to harmonics. Additionally, the time frame can be adjusted, and the data can be downloaded to show trends over any period of time for ongoing performance visibility.
  • Meters – this enables a view of information including temperature of a transformer’s cores, current, load voltage, power factor, and total harmonic distortion. From this, potential issues with the voltage profile can be easily detected.
  • Alarms – a summary of any alarms triggered by the system, including software updates, are recorded and displayed. Both the customer and Powerstar can be automatically alerted when a necessary alarm is triggered to allow for fast response time to ensure optimal performance.
  • Faults – displayed as a dashboard of lights, this webpage displays any faults the system may experience, which can be diagnosed by Powerstar’s 24-hour remote support team and remedied as quickly as possible.
  • Savings – the platform showcases the relevant cumulative savings that the smart energy solution has achieved such as kW’s, kWh’s, and CO2 emissions. This enables customers to continually asses the ROI of the system and ensure it is achieving the expected results.


Through such information, available constantly through the online remote monitoring platform, businesses can:

  • Detect issues enabling preventative maintenance to be deployed where necessary, which is essential for critical assets such as distribution transformers
  • Pinpoint where further efficiencies can be achieved
  • Identify trends for a thorough understanding of how assets perform over time
  • Benefit from peace of mind with a 24/7 dedicated remote support team
  • Make informed decisions based on historical and real-time data
  • Utilise a single platform across one or multiple integrated smart energy technologies, including third-party assets, for a full site perspective