Global Photovoltaic Market to Reach US$48b in 2014 according to IntertechPira

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Leatherhead, UK July 28, 2009. The global photovoltaic (PV) market, after experiencing a slow period this year, is expected to double within the next five years, reaching US$48 billion

Wafer-based silicon will continue as the dominant technology, but amorphous thin-film and cadmium telluride (CdTe) technologies will gain ground, and are expected to account for a combined 22% of the market by 2014, according to a major new study by IntertechPira.

The Future of Global Photovoltaics Markets provides detailed five-year forecasts of the PV market by technology, application and geographic region. It also addresses financial incentives, such as subsidies, feed-in tariffs and purchase power agreements and their effect on the development of the PV industry.

This new study provides volume and value forecasts to 2014 for major PV technologies, such as crystalline silicon, amorphous thin-film, CdTe, and CIS/CIGS (copper indium diselenide/copper indium gallium diselenide). It also provides forecasts for PV in on-grid and off-grid (such as building-integrated) applications and identifies regional growth opportunities.

A key focus of the study is the market outlook for pivotal PV-adopting regions such as Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and the US and how the investment and regulatory climate in these regions is likely to affect overall industry growth and widespread acceptance of PV.

“The mid to long-term, prospects for the solar industry are positive,” explains Publisher Adam Page “the subsidy models, which started in Japan and then Germany, have spread to increasing numbers of countries, and in many cases are starting to have significant impact on domestic market take-up of PV.”

The Future of Global Photovoltaics Markets is based on interviews with executives in a cross-section of companies that supply raw materials, cells and modules as well as those that provide system integration services. It is also based on extensive analyses of published literature and in-house data built up from years of gathering information developed from conducting market research and technology studies as well as executive-level conferences for the PV industry.

The study provides in-depth quantitative data and analyses of the PV industry, including growth forecasts to 2014 broken down by technology, end-use application and region. This report is comprehensive in that it addresses silicon-based PV cells as well as emerging PV technologies and details the most significant market and technology drivers along the PV supply chain. The study is designed to help those in the photovoltaics business meet today’s challenges and target key sectors.

The Future of Global Photovoltaics Markets is available from July 2009. For further information please contact Stephen Hill on +44 (0)1372 802025 or via e-mail Stephen Hill or visit

Press contact: For editorial queries, details of the report or an expanded article please contact: Rebecca Leigh +44(0)1372 802207 Rebecca Leigh


IntertechPira provides market research, strategic and technical consulting and conferences to niche, emerging and high growth industries, including; photonics, biomaterials, plastic electronics, home and personal care, alternative energy and chemicals, minerals and performance materials. IntertechPira is a division of Pira International and was formed following the acquisition of Intertech by Pira International in 2005.

IntertechPira runs major European and US Photovoltaic Summits annually attracting delegates from around the globe. It offers consultancy services and has published a range of forecasts and technical studies for the PV and related industries.

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