GEP Enlisted by Lifetime Recycling Village to Realise Zero Waste Vision in Scotland

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Scottish company take steps to end landfill north of the border.

The team at Green Energy Parks (GEP) are today delighted to announce that they will be working alongside Lifetime Recycling Village to provide advice and support as the Scottish company take steps to end landfill north of the border.

GEP, whose subsidiary Peterborough Renewable Energy Ltd (PREL) gained planning permission from the Government to build the UK’s first truly sustainable 80MW Energy Park for Peterborough last year, has always championed a zero waste to landfill approach. Through a combination of tried and tested technologies, GEP’s model succeeds in maximising recycling and realising the renewable energy potential in waste in a sustainable way.

Lifetime Recycling Village are taking expert advice from GEP as they seek to tackle the huge problem of landfill in West Central Scotland. The company, which is driven by experienced local business people who live in and around East Renfrewshire, proposes to develop a Recycling Village and Visitor centre that will take in 1.5 million tonnes of waste every year and create renewable energy and remanufactured products from this valuable resource. Through adaptation of the GEP model they will use advanced recycling technology, biomass gasification and plasma vitrification to process all of the waste that enters the Recycling Village in a closed-loop system.

Although at the very early stages in the development of their proposal, Lifetime Recycling Village is already reaching out to people in the local area and interest groups, to ensure that their proposal – and the community resources that it will provide – reflect public feedback.

Speaking today, Managing Director of Green Energy Parks (GEP), Chris Williams, said:

“We are proud to be working with the Lifetime Recycling Village team as they develop their proposals for a Recycling Village and Visitor Centre in East Renfrewshire.

“This is group of talented and experienced individuals who are proposing a sustainable and workable solution to the huge problem of landfill that they have identified in their region.

“Locally driven initiatives like these will ensure that as our natural resources decline, we are left with a reliable and dependable source of renewable energy.”

Commenting on the partnership, Managing Director of Lifetime Recycling Ltd, Brian Kilgour, said:

“This project has the potential to transform the way that we deal with waste in Scotland, putting an end once and for all for the environmentally harmful practice of landfill.

“After achieving maximum recycling, we will create renewable energy and quality recyclates such as glass and building blocks that can be used again.

“The expertise of the GEP team has been invaluable to us so far and we look forward to working together long into the future.”

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