Understanding Your Finance Options

Whether you are installing a renewable energy project to reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint or looking to create another income stream, there are several financing options to consider. Below are a few of those options. For expert advice, and to discuss your project in detail, please speak to one of our carefully sourced and pre-approved finance partners to find out how they can provide the specialist support to help your business grow and diversify.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is where the funder is involved in the invoice chain and has title over the asset(s). Typically, the same terms and rates apply as with business loans. A business secures finance against its existing assets; these can include invoices and also machinery, property and even intangible assets such as IP.


A business borrows money from a loan provider such as a bank or via a broker and then pays it back with interest over an agreed period. Lenders like Businesses with assets and a trading history that meet their eligibility criteria. Typically for renewable energy projects where funders are happy to lend the funds but don't want any title over the assets or involvement in the invoice chain.


Off balance sheet and tax efficient lending with terms and rates similar to Hire Purchase or Loans. A business can use Leasing and Hire Purchase to buy specific assets, like vehicles, machinery and/or other equipment.

Direct Lending Partners

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RE Finance Brokers

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Overdraft - Debt

Businesses can borrow money on demand up to the limit of their overdraft. Overdrafts can be expensive, but a business will only pay interest on the amount they actually borrow.

Direct Lending Fund

A business borrows money from a fund and repays it with interest. A fund may be able to provide loans where a bank will not. Lenders like businesses with assets to use as security against lending.

Start-Up Loan

A government-backed loan that helps people who are starting their own business. Providers like businesses to be within the first two years of trading or that have yet to start.

Renewable Energy Technologies

There are a wide-range of renewable energy assets that can be financed for your business. To help you better understand these, please use our comprehensive technology hub to learn more about them and the finance options available for each.