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Energy Storage Summit Europe

The Energy Storage Summit, now in its 5th year is renowned for its quality, breadth and expertise, featuring an all-encompassing range of strategic and technical sessions on the adoption and deployment of storage.

Key market drivers such as the falling price of lithium-ion batteries, investment in electric vehicle infrastructure, regulatory change, grid modernization, transition from dependency on the networks to a desire for autonomy and intermittent renewable sources, all add to an exciting time for the Energy Storage value chain. 

Energy storage is fast becoming a huge part of how all countries utilise their electricity generation efficiently, with the market expanding in countless different directions.  Now is the time to discuss how we unlock its full potential, and accelerate towards a decentralized, decarbonized, intelligent and sustainable energy market. 

The Summit plays a pivotal role in the journey to propelling the industry into the next stage of its development, providing an unrivalled platform to develop the right partnerships and create business opportunities of all sizes. 

This eco-system event brings together the entire value chain including Utilities, Developers, EPCs, Investors, Manufacturers, Energy storage providers, local government and DNO’s making this one of the mustattend storage events for 2020. 

We hope you can join us and look forward to another fascinating year for Energy Storage! 

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Feb 25 - 26 2020


All Day

Focus Areas

Energy storage system components and equipment,
Energy storage systems,
Energy storage technologies


Victoria Park Plaza

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