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Energy suppliers must adapt to meet consumer calls for transparency, says new report

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Energy suppliers must adapt to meet consumer calls for transparency, says new report

Energy retailers must strengthen their offering to satisfy the rigorous demands of carbon-conscious consumers, concludes a new report from energy technology specialists ENTRNCE.

Launched this week, the free-to-download “Trends and opportunities for energy retailers in a net zero market” is essential reading for retailers seeking to gain competitive edge in a challenging market.

The report explains how four macro trends, dubbed the “4D revolution,” are transforming the energy system. It outlines how Decarbonisation, Democratisation, Decentralisation and Digitalisation are shaping the landscape – and influencing what business and domestic consumers demand from their energy supply.

Growing calls for transparency

As the UK’s energy system moves away from large, centralised power stations to smaller, nimble, decentralised energy sources, we need accessible, and reliable data about energy production at various points in the grid.
At the same time, consumers are demanding renewable energy which is not just green, but verifiably so.  Organisations of all sizes are facing customer pressure to reduce their environmental impact and are setting climate strategies that will stand up to robust scrutiny. They want to apply this kind of scrutiny to their own energy sourcing and will soon expect more transparency from their suppliers.

The report explains that customers will no longer be satisfied with a “green” tariff or CPPA that reconciles consumption and generation on an annual basis.  They will want a retailer who can provide half-hourly data on the source of their energy, so that they can better align usage with renewable generation. 

Policy watch

The report also explains how retailers can get ahead of upcoming policy changes, including the likely crackdown on so-called “greenwashing” of renewable energy tariffs. The government is currently reviewing the way green tariffs are marketed, and whether the current REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) system is providing customers with enough visibility over their energy sourcing.

The report will be of interest to decision makers within energy retail companies, who are seeking to better serve their customers through an improved technology and data offering.

Jaron Reddy, UK Business Lead at ENTRNCE, says, “The energy market is at a turning point, representing a huge opportunity for retailers who can change to meet their customers’ transforming needs. Forthcoming legislation is highly likely to change the landscape, but more importantly, consumers are demanding something different today.  Our report explains how retailers can get ahead in this competitive space.”

Download ENTRNCE’s Trends and opportunities for energy retailers in a net zero market.
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Notes for Editors

ENTRNCE was set up in 2013 in response to the challenges of a changing energy sector. We are innovators in platform technology and are preparing energy systems across Europe for future decentralised markets. Our Matcher tool allows retailers to offer 24/7 matching of energy production and consumption for its business and domestic customers, giving consumers the transparency they demand in an increasingly complex market. https://www.entrnce.com/


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