Calyxo Inaugurates the New 60 MW Production Line for CDTE Thin Film Solar Modules

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On Monday, 02.12.2013 the new production line of Calyxo at the Solar Valley in Bitterfeld- Wolfen, Germany was ceremonially inaugurated

Among the guests have been the Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Tamara Zieschang , the Mayor Mrs. Petra Wust, investors, suppliers , customers and closest partners.

The festive program was opened by CEO Dr. Florian Holzapfel with a review of the company Calyxo from 2005 to today , followed by CTO Dr.-Ing. Michael Bauer, Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Tamara Zieschang and Dr. Norman Johnston, Chairman of Advisory Board of Calyxo GmbH and CEO of the parent company Solar Fields.

“We are the survivors of Solar Valley!” remarked Johnston, who invented the process of Calyxo GmbH 10 years ago, in his welcome speech regarding to the development of Calyxo in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.

Calyxo was the last Gallic village. “At least we sometimes felt like this in the recent years in the Solar Valley.” Holzapfel says , alluding to “Asterix and Obelix “. In this case, the Romans are Asian solar companies, who at first took over Solibro and later Q -Cells. Also Calyxo suffered from the solar crisis. For four years the solar company did research work for the new manufacturing processes. Now the Calyxo leadership believes to have found the formula of the “elixier” to enter the market with new capacities.

Holzapfel, “The construction of the new production line took a total of 5 years with a total investment of about 54 million euros. For the solar industry a long construction phase, but we have adjusted our strategic decisions in the market place and now the new production line is a clear sign that we and the Calyxo investors believe in the market of tomorrow.”

Bauer: “In the solar market not automatically the ones who are strong will not survive, but those who can adapt to the market and their requirements “

Calyxo was able to acquire and implement several EPC projects nationally and worldwide in the last year, which provides, among others, the versatility of the company. With its solar modules in the range of 75 to 85 Wp, Calyxo offers its customers a variety of applications – from small installations of single-family homes to large megawatt plants.

For the development of products, the company has cooperated among others, with the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics in Halle. Also the state of Saxony-Anhalt promoted the company. Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Tamara Zieschang said: “Saxony-Anhalt assist Calyxo in difficult times.”

Guests have had the opportunity to look into the 12tsqm production line. On process-bound information points, Calyxo experts have answered questions.

The new fully automated production line for CdTe thin film solar modules with the most competitive cost position has a production capacity of 60 MWp with an extension option for a total of 100 MWp. Overall, Calyxo GmbH currently has a capacity of 85 MW and produces eco-friendly CdTe modules with a much better CO2 balance compared to crystalline modules.